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Automotive Touch Up Paint 

in the Hamilton Area

Aerosol paint technology has come a long way and you can now achieve an undetectable paint repair using aerosol cans. At Dura Chemicals LTD. in Hamilton, we have been providing our customers with the right products and information to perform aerosol paints repairs for over 30 years. Please note, that today’s automotive paint colours are complex and although aerosol technology has advanced, in some cases there still is no substitute for paint application using professional equipment. That being said, we strive to provide the best possible touch up colour match, which occasionally involves having to see the vehicle in person at our facility. 

We can help you find your paint code and guide you through the aerosol touch up repair process. Different repair projects may require different repair products and methods, including cleaning and preparation products, body fillers, primers, adhesion promoters, clear-coats, blenders, undercoatings, chip guard, trim and vinyl coatings. We have them all from trusted name-brands such as:


Dominion Sure Seal Ltd.


Contact us today to learn more about aerosol paint repairs.

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